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Rediscover Your Own Health Through Polarity Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy & Reiki

Polarity Therapy, Biodyanmic Craniosacral Therapy and Reiki are integrative medicine practices done while a person is completely clothed, and can use light, medium, or deep touch, depending on the client. Cami combines these three modalities giving her a wide range of knowledge to draw upon in each session for the betterment of the client's heath and well-being.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) uses hands on touch to work with the whole person in which the cranial bones, spine, and connective tissues are subtly contacted. In doing so, BCST facilitates conditions in which the natural forces within the body and emanating from outside the body are mobilized and optimized to self-correct the condition from within. This allows the individual to connect with his/her own inherent wisdom of Health, and has been shown to be remarkably effective for a wide range of conditions. Polarity Therapy and Reiki also use hands on touch and are based in Eastern medicine believing that health and well-being is an ongoing and dynamic balance of life energy that flows through our bodies.

“My intention is to be led by the Breath of Life and to remember the words of Rollin Becker, an early Osteopath, 'our goal is not (only) for the patient to get well but for the patient to have a relationship with the eternal.'”
- Cami Walsh Zappaterra, BCST, R.P.P., Reiki Master